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Aziani was asked to say what their site means to them and they retorted that it’s about exciting valuable original high quality action. That’s the kind of answer we love hearing. The broadcasts that they tape are the ones that you are offered for streaming and watching on your computer. They do work with HD quality content as far as we can tell. Also downloads are something many can enjoy inside, high grade HD downloads that is. This is a site that doesn’t want to play in the league of mediocre porn paysites. They shoot right for the elite top dogs in the industry.


The meat (so to phrase) inside that they offer is dripping with flavor, the sight of the meat is enough to make hunger pangs shoot up and down your body. The site is known for working with ladies and pornstars who have been able to accomplish feats of sexiness that will make any porn fan sit up, ready to go! Birthed in 2000, they have kept moving and making porn, refusing to stand still. The theme of the site when they first came out was stunning pornography. The theme we saw recently when we visited them? Guess what, yap…stunning pornography!

The pornstars inside are found in various stages of undress, they pose and they make a tear crawl down your eyes as you look at them and cum! Arrangement of content seems to be chronological in sequence. The fiery videos inside have formats like, windows media, realvideo, flash, mp4, mov. You cannot expect that they make new material in anything remotely less than HD quality? You will feel like someone dropped napalm on your lap once you see the HD videos and the glamorous gals.

What are the tools of trade that these bombshell vixens use in making pornography action? An assortment indeed, they use their fingers, toys, Sybian machines, vibrators, dildos, and they also let lesbians use their mouths, while lucky dudes use their cocks. For you, there is lubrication and your hands! So, the pleasure comes from all different corners and meets in the middle to provide orgasms recorded for you to watch, and cum! They got content, my horny brother, over 3100 videos and over 4120 image sets inside. The sets have images inside; each set can have between 30 to 100 pics. Zipping (as we like calling it) is done so that you can download the images quicker.

To wrap up, they offer you store, model index section, bonus action, and messaging area. There is a big need for deals like our Aziani discount offer. This is because porn fans are becoming fussier, more discerning about what they let flood their screens. But, the access to the flow of material from this site is a tap you will never want to close. Open the tap…join this site!

MPL Studios

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MPL Studios is busy producing porn in a segment of the industry that deals with high-end erotic glamorous material. We are talking about things like softcore and erotica. The style of filming they have chosen is beautiful and very chic. According to their own site, they adamantly state that they like doing things more imaginatively. With a background of more than ten years in the game, they have something tangible you can see. Let us review them!


A big chunk of the focus they have is on the European side of things. This means that the two hundred and forty seven models they have are mostly from the European nations. There is some ethnicity thrown in there but not a lot. The site uses exotic locations, crazy sexy lingerie, fine garments, and outfits for their models in order to come up with their material. It’s not uncommon for you to find that they deliver material that shows you glam girls playing with toys or their pussies. The content laid out for you to select and appreciate is exclusive productions.

This is one of those sites where the quality of the images really is above all normal standards. They have the high res, 3000 by 2000 pixel variety that fills all the corners of your computer display. It’s their primary niche so we obviously expected this. The videos play in 720p HD resolution. having had years to pile more material into their galleries, you can expect to have lots of pictures and movies, that is, 3500 picture galleries and over 370 videos inside. The images can be high, mid, low resolution, 3 sizes, and you are given zip file formats for all sizes. They have diverse formats for the videos. As you navigate and discover more of their site, you will come across the categories. You will see that all the tools for proper navigation are given.

Okay the gals and models inside and the material the MPL Studios discount site makes can never, will never, ever, be ugly. What we mean by talking about “the ugly” is some of the more unpleasant things as far as site design is concerned. And there is not a lot of that either to speak of. What we found was that when you dig into the archives, you find they have lower resolution for images and videos. Pictures are bit smaller; videos are not so crisp clear. Not really a big thing, but except it.

If you can only have the best quality, MPL Studios can be a very satisfactory site. Those interested in glamour models, Europeans young amateurs, erotic carnality, beauty in every sense of the word can also find this site satisfactory. The site updates regularly, daily according to what they say.


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A pal of ours once told us that all racist people should look at what black men and white women are doing to each other inside the network Dogfart Network. They would defecate pure gold bars if they saw all the hardcore sex being had inside for sure! But on a more cleaner and lighter side of things, this network is our subject of review for the day. You can rest assured that having been able to produce porn for so many years, they have that ancient wisdom when it comes to doing things that give pleasure to the members.


So, you will have access to sites like Blacks On Blondes, Dogfart Behind The Scenes, Watching My Mom Go Black, Cuckold Sessions, We Fuck Black Girls, and many more. You can count them one, two, three…to the last, and you will have 22 sites in total. You go to the different sections (scenes, sites, girls, categories) by clicking on the respective tabs. The amount of material from these sites is massive.

They have over three thousand six hundred movies. They also have over 620,000 pictures on display. Scenes come with things like time, comments, rating, category, and information that relates to what the movie is about and where it came from. The network is interactive with members being able to rate/comment. They cover streaming and downloading formats and features nicely. They have full HD options/formats. Many videos are 25 minutes. Every day you spend inside this network, you are not being restricted on how many movies you can download. The pictures are satisfactory, more than that actually! They have many sets in high res formats. The number we gave above comes from over 3000 picture sets with one set having over 200 images. You can stock up and download the pics. No slideshow feature is provided online inside this network.

Over one thousand two hundred models are inside this network, collectively. And the niches they have happen go up and down the entire list of hardcore niches that hardcore porn fans are accustomed to. Everything looks to be here. There is always interracial happening, between white and black, black and Asian, Asian and white, black and Latina, Latina and Asian…in other words you are going to find they have variety. Yes, their main porn is white babes being inserted and impaled on throbbing cum-filled black cocks, but that’s not all they do! Therefore, you get very many pornstars and different babes. Big boobs, pregnant, tattoos, piercing, everything is fair game inside! The love that all the babes share is for cock!

You have to pay to be able to join the network. The DogFart discount price is really fair, comparing the current market situation and the charges other network charge. People say that this network only has interracial sex, we disagree! Yes interracial is a big component inside, but they do try to mix up other ethnicity inside there also.

Burning Angel

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According to the superposition theory of Schrodinger, we can never really determine the state of an object that is hidden beneath walls. It is only after crushing the bounds and revealing what’s inside can one conclude the actual conditioning of the subject of superposition.


In the field of occultism, this theory would question the belief of the existence of the seraphim or what we commonly call the angels. But according to Einstein, one does not discount the belief in something just because there is no material evidence. Sometimes, all it takes is a matter of faith and that if your faith is keeping you on the right track of being a good human, then your faith does not need questioning. But in a site we so call Burning Angel, the angels are real and they are proven by the girls we see around us on a day-to-day basis. Let us then try to examine what the site is really all about.

Now, the superposition theory really strikes me. I have come to a thought that everyone we know is in a point of superposition, and that does not exclude me. According to Albert Camus, the best we can be to others is how they perceive us based on the kinds of heroes (or villains) that we show upon the people in our lives. Then again, I guess it’s best to leave some things behind and just enjoy the wonders of the adult industry, especially with one of its magnum opus, which again is the – a site full of lasciviousness content, from horny girls that have invisible wings and pretentious halos. Nevertheless they are real for you get to see and feel them by their depiction.

In my own assessment, BurningAngel happens to be one of the most propitious porn sites of today. They say they have the angels, indeed are the girls seraph-like. They say they have the content, they do indeed have 800 plus videos, to date, that you can easily access with a quick monthly subscription, which would only cost you no more than $14. Add to that the fact that there is a model index for you to get to know the models all the more and simply filter the search with results coming from a particular model that you have been enamored so tight.

Going by the thickness of the content and the promising nature of the site, I give Burning Angel a 9.5 out 10 just as the collective ratings suggest 96 out of 100 for it.