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According to the writers of Arrow, they will be taking an immensely different for season 4. It would somehow go in line with the mood of the flash; something light with a tinge of levity. Sometimes, that’s just about all the kind of change you need in your life, to take it a bit lighter and take a step at a time. In the site I’m going to review today, you will be able to appreciate how teasing and softcore are actually good ways to enjoy porno. What I’m talking about is OnlyTease, so let’s get going and do the review.


There are endless ways to present one type of thing. When it comes to softcore porn, this is the place for you to be. The company has a very unique way of portraying softcore and light porn. They are able to reveal not much yet enough to make any guy have the perfect arousal. You would be able to appreciate the beauty of women here all the more rather than them just purely getting bold. Perhaps you’ll come to learn that they do not really have to go full bonkers nude just to make guys arouse. Sometimes, all it takes is wearing the right clothing and using it well for stripping. This gives the body the kind of respect and appreciation it needs because it doesn’t have to be touched, but just flaunted to be loved, same with the woman’s visage.

One of the most interesting truths about the OnlyTease discount is that it actually houses nothing but purely British babes. In total, there are over 740 models in the site, all Brit ladies and you are definitely going to fall in love with them as they strip tease their way into your mood. As of today you can choose from over 1,700 plus vids all in high resolution format, ranging from 20 minutes to 45 minutes each. You’ll see them wearing school uniforms, cop apparels and other awesome wardrobes set in places appropriate for what they’re wearing. It’s as epic as can be.

To add up to the steam, check ou the 9,000 plus photo galleries the site has prepared for its subscribers. You can be one of them and get to enjoy the best kind of softcore tease porn there is as of today. That’s none other than OnlyTease.


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If we are talking about Joymii, we are talking about quality pornography. If we are talking about this site then we are discussing eroticism material at a price that is affordable to many. We are also talking about the beautiful women they have, and how they make hardcore, solo, lesbian porn beautifully plus passionately. For you to take part, you can start with the tour page and check out some of the previews there. We did and we immediately got a membership pass to do some more research so that we can come and sing praises of this site to you.


First part that they score very well is the exclusive part, because all the content they make is exactly that, exclusive! Therefore, when that lady is muffing her twat with some dildo, or having group sex, licking a clit, swallowing and giving blowjobs, you are right there with them enjoying it all in HD porn quality. The gals are all classically sexy and have kinky bones all over their bodies that are covered with beautiful butts and boobs. In other words, they are gorgeous and ferociously sexual. Last time there were 385 videos with more coming. The images can be blown up to 3000 pixel and 5000 pixel resolutions! To say these are high res images feels like understating the matter!

The pictures are made by professionals and so are the movies, because of this you end up having to do battle between you and your loins with movies showing in 1080p resolution! Of course, you are going to lose this battle since your loins will spill everything out on the floor after you have been through just some of the collection inside this site. For uniqueness of content we give them 5/5 stars. This rating also goes for quality of production. For usability purposes, they aren’t complicated at all.

They have streaming/downloading file formats, you will not find advanced search box, or be able to leave comments. For that (and since they don’t offer bonus content, not very serious) we deduct 1.5 stars give them 3.5/5 on that front. On whether they have the correct valuable content to match the Joymii discount price they charge when you enter the site, we rate them 4/5 stars, very entertaining value for sure!

You will have to either zip the pics files, download, or use slide show online functions to see them. Lucky for everyone they had the foresight to put diverse sizes for the zip files. Formats for movies play in mp4, wmv, m4v, with the option of flash player for streaming also provided. To seal it, they have weekly updates with multiple options. As they grow gain more experience we expect changes to the features, more advanced tools and whatnot. They are currently looking thickly sharp, very much ready to play with you! Your entrance into the world that Joymii has constructed is a fantastic journey. You will find great material.

All Japanese Pass

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All Japanese Pass contains the kind of porn from Japan that shows Japanese pussy, great production from that country, great models, and producers. The gals inside will do everything in their native Japanese language and that includes the moaning and orgasm parts as well. If you have ever seen this kind of movie (Asian/Japan porn) you definitely know how erotic it can get. The site itself is not in Japanese but rather in English, which makes sure that all can enjoy.


When you finally make a decision on which paysite you are going to enroll to, it’s probably better if you have all the facts. Now your tastes are going to play such a key role. First, you want Asian and Japanese models in hardcore activities. Then you want a quality place you can watch them. The best deal would be to get a pass that offers more than one pornsite. All the things we have described above are exactly what this network brings to you. The total number of sites, 22. There is the one big general site then other niche specific ones. They are all notable in their own way. The list of sites is long, we will not list them just know that you get Weird Japan, JP Milfs, Big Tits Tokyo, Public Sex Japan, plus all the rest.

The site makes available the entire catalogue of material they have in one place to make it easier for you to surf it all. So you can then quickly check out things like big boobs, anal, fetish, squirting, lesbian, and various other hardcore niches. They have numerous amounts of porn in there so you will have a lot of choosing to do. Japan’s culture dictates that the privates be blurred. It’s just the way they are, so expect fuzzy censored parts, only the dicks and pussies, not the boobs asses and the rest of the bodies. But to some, this censorship adds something mystic like to the content making it even more arousing!

If you want, you can block out the censored ones, yes there are still many freely uncensored movies inside. You will be in a sea that is made of Japanese women when you are inside this network. They have over 20k movies, videos and they are bringing constant weekly updates by the bucket load. It is so huge there is no way you will be able to get through every movie that they have. It cannot be done, but you can definitely give it a very serious whack if you want!

The porn from Japan is plainly different from European and American productions. It just feels a touch more intense, more diverse, more wild, and untamed with the potential of going anywhere really! For us, we are addicted to it; we are addicted to All Japanese Pass. We find everything inside incredible; we think you should give yourself the chance to experience this.


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How slutty can a young sexually free gal get? Can they produce the best teen scenes you have ever seen? Can Teen Mega World do it? Well only one way to know, lay your fears aside, and walk into this world of teen slutty adventure. All the sites inside this network have teens, all thirty-nine sites inside! Can we think of any other place that is like this one? One word answer here…No! This is it, this is the place.


Inferiority is a perspective, and if you suffer from it, then the gals inside this entire monumental network do not. They know they are discovering the likes and dislikes of sex, and they want the journey to be with you. Together with them, you can conquer mountains of pleasure and swim in valleys filled with sex and orgasms. This is the mood being set from the very get go!

The only way they have been able to cling to popularity is the superior size and chosen content subject, 18-year-old teen babes and young smuts. The network is extensive since they dare to be so, and they want to be so! You can see that the erotica material, soft plus hard teen sex, babes, sites, and categories of niches inside are for you, and other members. To start naming the niches you get would be insanity because with such a vast ability like this network has, you get to have it all! We think it’s all because whatever we wanted to find niche-wise we did find inside.

1 TeenMegaWorld discount pass = network access = 39 sites! That is the deal of the century right there! When they are online and puffing along like an unstoppable train, the network contains more than 3550 movies. The gals are solo models, glam gals, hardcore teens, and the sites even cover some fetish things like gays and shemales. We glorify them because they have 1080p films. We then clap and go bonkers when we notice images with pixel rations in the range of high res. You will be doing the same and most of the teens they get are European based. Sites inside carry out different filming positions, techniques (Closeup to amateur to POV).

What frightens us about TMW network really? That we will become too addicted, maybe! But some things they could improve. To speed up the downloading servers would be great idea. They should also look into the dead-in-the-water sites they have inside. Those that do not update. These should be re-tasked, maybe consolidated, maybe refreshed, but something should be done that’s the point! Finally, we are done with words and want to leave you hastily so that we get back into TeenMegaWorld. The network is what it says it is, what others say it is, and what we say it is. Have your say and join them, today! It’s teen-delicious!


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CumLouder Has the kinda of Latina pussy that is fiery and waiting for you to just make the first move. The place is crammed full of asses being bounced on massive cocks, hard public displays of sex, and some of the most figure wonderful gals we have seen in the game. The chase is under way and you are the ultimate prize for these guys. Let us review them.


All porn reviews are regularly updated since sites change what they have, add more action like these guys, and try to impress by improving. The network chose its name for whatever reason they had and that is on them. What we love are the Spanish mamas in exclusive hard scenes. The site keeps on saying that material is shot in Spain, we don’t care, but we believe them. Anyway, inside you get twenty-five sites with titles ranging and showing just a glimpse of the kind of porn that they have. The senoritas inside will make you cop that full membership once you have sampled the goods, seen some previews. So leave the tame you somewhere else, because here, they want to get sex-wild with you for sure!

The good things about this network will convince you to join up. Okay, 25 sites, that’s a big yay in our books! The content is for people who like cum, orgies, teens, outside action, swallowing, bjs, galfriends, reality, fantasy, and about any other carnal genre possible. Conventional themes of hardcore all seem to be done by these guys. The women are plucked from the bosom of Europe, Spain, and they include new and famous gals. The pride is clearly there when you see the gals in high definition films. The high resolution of pictures is also at play here. Both show that this network is handling filming like professionals. There are hundreds of uploaded episodes inside. Hundreds of images to match that number of videos as well. Strong network? Hell yea partner!

When you are inside you can see other CumLouder discount deals offered. These deals include channels, which the network may have falsely added in their updating list, but if you buy them at the reduced price, you get to have them. It is time for these Spanish porn makers to slowly but surely move their current production to 1080p. This is in order to compete, attract more people, and it will just look better on them really. They are at 720p high definition.

Yes, you have to deal with Spanish language, subtitles, but you also have something else from CumLouder. You have their content and that’s the most important thing ever! They look like they are coming for the title held by massive USA based network, and boy they can seriously create big problems for these guys. They are getting bigger!


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The only impression that 18OnlyGirls will give you from the moment you look inside is damn…you just hit the mother-load! So you will be a member and the gals can be all yours for a long time. If you demand that the paysite you join offer you continuous material using regular updates, then this site meets your demands easily.


When the site design is discussed, people tend to feel that they have tried to mold it according to the kind of gals that they bring for the viewers. The videos and images have been placed inside the homepage, which you get to after you have logged in your membership pass ID. All the legal gals you fantasize about are just simply inches away from you when you are inside this site.

Numbers inside are over 400 models, over 1160 movies, over 1400 picture sets. Do any of the scenes qualify as hot legal teen hardcore pornography? Well, they all do so happy days are surely here for you! When the gals masturbate or start lesbian action that you cannot tolerate because it’s so arousing, all you have to do is let go of your juices! When the small-bodied teenage gals are being romped hard by long shlongs, you will only derive pleasure in huge amounts. The new movies that you download or stream are 1080p and then they drop to 720p, then 540p, and 480p. The last resolution is mostly for content added years ago.

The fastest way for you to sample the movies they have may be to peruse the thumbnails, or stream a couple of flicks. The servers are fast, the flash player is just so responsive and good offering different viewing options. With a little patience or as you look thorough the model index, you can download the movies onto your computer. Some sites nowadays don’t offer you downloads, fearing that you are going to use their content for other nefarious affairs, but thankfully, these guys still let members download. Most of the stuff inside is exclusive, amateur eighteen year olds, and mp4, wmv, mov, flv file formats, and other features are procurable.

If you are willing to take a longer 18OnlyGirls discount membership plan, things are going to be better for you. Why? You get access to more bonus sites, plus you get to develop a more tangible relationship with this particular teen site. The bonus helps you to scoop up more variety of porn, gals, and content. The sort of misinformation on the tour page is because they tell you of the total amount of porn from the network you can get, rather than from this particular site. Any other big issues inside you need to be told? We can’t find any really.

When the young models/gals inside 18OnlyGirls are unleashed to the hungry world, they accomplish things that are spectacular for all onlookers. The site is one of those that will definitely be a prime investment on your part. Recommendation is that you get inside and have firsthand experience of what they have!

Blacks on Blondes

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Blacks On Blondes is tossing you this way and that in an effort to get you into complete arousal because they have been steadfast in the way they make porn for a very long time. The way the white gals are constantly provided with sticky long hard cocks (of the ebony variety) is both entertaining and thrilling. The gals inside are all white, all have so many things on their minds, but at the very front of the list is hard black cock. That’s why it’s so easy for them to suck these BBC, because the cocks are already in their thoughts, their minds…lol!


It is incredible how good the holes of the beautiful white ladies are able to take everything the black guys have to give up. You are entering into the realm of an old master in the art of interracial pornography production, so watch your step, watch your prick, and watch it get big and hard! Let’s get inside.

Okay…this is not the paysite that you go to in order to get storylines and plots and glamour porn. You want what these guys have, then you had better know they specialize in banging hardcore. It’s on your mark…pop…and you are running at full steam inside. The women are unceremoniously given what their asses, pussies and mouths have been aching to have, ebony cock. You generally get the nubile small white gal paired with a monster ebony guy or two, three, maybe even four, and everyone ain’t leaving until you get to see cum, orgasms, and very hard fucking scenes. You will have scenes with niches containing anal, DP, gangbangs, bjs, pussy, facial, and cumshots. Its old school hardcore with new school productions standards for the latest movies. You have 642+ movies and over 642 galleries to match.

They make movies (30-minute duration), file formats that include wmv, mpeg, mp4 formats. The images are standard resolution since the market nowadays is flooded with images reaching 5000 pixel range, but these guys have done good. They offer zipped files for downloading, dedicated to updating which refreshes the galleries. You will have different navigation ways you can find the material. Model index is also there. They have a dated design of sorts since it’s been a while since they changed how the layout is arranged. However, this is not a big issue. The newest is 1080p HD quality; the older ones are mid res, SD sometimes. You still want to see every gal, every hard poking, every explicit interracial nastiness.

The language that Blacks On Blondes speaks is not Hindu, Greek, or Latin. It is simple plain interracial hardcore fucking language that many will understand. The way they play their cards so straightforward is something you will appreciate. Of course, Dogfart network content is thrown in as bonus. Really, it’s worth looking into a membership pass for this site.

Devils Film

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Devils Film…first of all, we have to say, what a name they chose! They wanted to fondle your imagination of how hot their content was going to be, this is the name that does exactly that. They are a hardcore, gonzo, tranny, gangbang producing porno company with celebrated status in the game. They display some of the DVD movies they have made inside their tour page. They also offer information on the level of quality for the videos, which is naturally HD porn. They then tempt you with promises of over six thousand two hundred movies in their video collection.


We can almost hear that devilish laughter in the background as they look at you and see that you are getting too horny, too excited! In order to watch the content, you have to navigate the site. To navigate the site you have to use features and tools inside. The layout is a delicate act of tight rope balancing between hard-hitting candy porno and functionality. They got filters and menus inside. They have ten different categories for you, where you choose if you want bi sexual sex, fetish shemales, hardcore, anal, or amateur among others. However, what you don’t know, but you soon will, is that they have dozens of various niches hidden under their skirt. Just lift it up, look, and be wowed!

The train is moving and you had better hop on…the site continues to offer more download options, eleven, and formats wmv and mp4. Small files have low-resolution SD quality; big ones have 1080p HD quality. Whichever you want, you still cum! They have information plus synopsis sort of descriptions attached to content. They got inside some 2704 pic-sets, 100, or more pics per set, full screen resolution sizes, zip files, and that is just a small part of the collective whole. The model index feels light somewhat. Many members have expressed desire to have more than simple stats given for the models.

There are many models inside, and we have come to realize that these guys are not going to let you ever feel like you aren’t getting all they got. What do we mean? They have bonus sites inside.

How many? Sixty-six, that covers many pornstar legend official sites, models, niches, it just covers everything. The question is not whether joining Devils Film is something you should do, because it is without question. The issue now is why have you waited for so long? What’s the excuse? But now that you know they have in-house productions, constant updates, bonus, high-grade porn, and niches for all your kinks, we think you will make the right move. We really do!