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According to the superposition theory of Schrodinger, we can never really determine the state of an object that is hidden beneath walls. It is only after crushing the bounds and revealing what’s inside can one conclude the actual conditioning of the subject of superposition.


In the field of occultism, this theory would question the belief of the existence of the seraphim or what we commonly call the angels. But according to Einstein, one does not discount the belief in something just because there is no material evidence. Sometimes, all it takes is a matter of faith and that if your faith is keeping you on the right track of being a good human, then your faith does not need questioning. But in a site we so call Burning Angel, the angels are real and they are proven by the girls we see around us on a day-to-day basis. Let us then try to examine what the site is really all about.

Now, the superposition theory really strikes me. I have come to a thought that everyone we know is in a point of superposition, and that does not exclude me. According to Albert Camus, the best we can be to others is how they perceive us based on the kinds of heroes (or villains) that we show upon the people in our lives. Then again, I guess it’s best to leave some things behind and just enjoy the wonders of the adult industry, especially with one of its magnum opus, which again is the BurningAngel.com – a site full of lasciviousness content, from horny girls that have invisible wings and pretentious halos. Nevertheless they are real for you get to see and feel them by their depiction.

In my own assessment, BurningAngel happens to be one of the most propitious porn sites of today. They say they have the angels, indeed are the girls seraph-like. They say they have the content, they do indeed have 800 plus videos, to date, that you can easily access with a quick monthly subscription, which would only cost you no more than $14. Add to that the fact that there is a model index for you to get to know the models all the more and simply filter the search with results coming from a particular model that you have been enamored so tight.

Going by the thickness of the content and the promising nature of the site, I give Burning Angel a 9.5 out 10 just as the collective ratings suggest 96 out of 100 for it.