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There’s something on my screen. Let me wipe it out for a bit. There ya go, it’s all shiny and shimmery now. Oh, sorry, I just jizzed ‘cause of this awesome site that I just discovered and spent my $8.95 on for three days worth of trial.


Sorry if it grosses you out, but ain’t that our thing? A guy thing? In case you’re curious of what’s this that got me reviewing it right away without even the effort to clean up really or to await the effect to cast away, the site is actually called Porn Fidelity. So yeah, if you want to know more about this awesomely crafted site, continue reading on.

PornFidelity is the kind of porn site that will keep you saying “man, oh, man, shit, jizz, jizz, cumming, oh, cum!” throughout every entire video. Do you know what their secret is? They make everything look like real candid shots and make everything go by reality. You know, like real couples have the tendency to submit into temptation even inside the comfort room, doing the whole thing on the bowl. And the camera they use would be in an amateur’s perspective with some whiff of luck to make it all simulate the real life situation themes.

Every girl you will witness, you can really say is a knockout. Every video you can watch, you can really affirm its authenticity. Our PornFidelity discount is an offer like no other, one that truly lives by its name. And if this porn site was love, it would be the truest of all, no kidding! Currently they have grown their collection into something more enamoring. With more than a thousand videos playable, you’ll have your thirst quenched anytime you want. There are 1056 videos now to be exact with an average of 20 minutes playing time for every video. The picture galleries are also worth the visit. What’s more? All of these content can actually be downloaded!

Until now, I still have the shiver and that shuddered shoulder from the couple minutes ago, when I have just jizzed. Yeah, it’s gross, but when you check out PornFidelity, you would definitely be able to relate to what I’m telling you now. So yeah, spend some cash and make sure you’re spending it right. PF is the one for that!

Amateur Allure

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Yesterday late at night, I watched this movie which was one of the most romantic in a not sugarcoated way. It had a more realistic approach than most of the musically themed motions I’ve seen in the past and while it was not really akin to Begin Again, it had its own distinct freshness that just keeps you going.


But you know what else keeps me going other than music? It’s porn. I do believe, however, that they come together as a dynamic duo and even before, I would play this certain playlist while having sex with my girlfriend — adds up to the steam. And in line with my appreciation to the existence of both arts, I would like to do a quick review of a site that really goes with the kind of taste I have and something you should really be enlightened about. It’s called Amateur Allure.

Our Amateur Allure discount has its own unique way around alluring people into its nest. The team can get pretty creative and having their own set of niceties have really made them big in the industry today. To be less vague on that part, they don’t just produce videos and photos — they know how to think out of the box. You need some more light on that matter? Well, you gotta go figure that out yourself or else the fun and its entirety will be spoiled. Just know that they take pride in everything they do and apart from the reasonably large amount of collections, something somewhere along the line will keep you hooked for more.

This site offer 720p and beyond HD videos, which means to say they settle for nothing less and have quite some standards set for a porn site. Some of their best hits would range from spy cam videos to POVs. As to the creative part I told you earlier, one of the proofs of that would be their peculiarly effective GIF images. Like how cool is that? Anyway, there are 600 plus, plus videos for you to enjoy watching and all of them are up for your grabs.

What’s more about Amateur Allure is that they have no videos below the 20-minute mark, so expect an entire plot set for each video. With all that being said, a subscription to it would be one of the best things for you to spend on a monthly basis. Enjoy!

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Kink On Demand is everything its name suggests. You get to buy credits and in turn purchase your favorite scene, which will be all yours for a long time. You can choose between any niche, which includes the likes of hardcore, soft-core as well as gay porn.

 Sounds quite interesting, right? Well read on for a deeper review of what’s in store for you in

Being the big daddy of BDSM and bondage porn, the site has magnified its spread over the Internet ever since its launch. Once you sign up, you get the opportunity to buy your favorite scenes without having to bother about downloading them ever again. As you go on purchasing credits, you will realize that the packages begin to get cheaper, making it a win-win situation for the viewers.

The site is updated daily so that there is fresh content for you to purchase daily with our discount too. Imagine having scores and scores of beauties, all tied up in leather and performing for your viewing only. One of the sites, Sex and the Submission is the perfect site for all bondage lovers. If you like to see women giving in seductively to their masters, then you have to purchase some scenes from this site.

Every movie scene is well equipped and comes in a HD format. The clips can be downloaded in different formats so that you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues. Stream the videos and download and watch them for that’s entirely on you. Thankfully every shoot comes with its own exclusive video and pictures. You can capture the memories of your hot sessions while reviewing the picture and the videos in your free time. Each of the photo shots are available in HD format, giving you the best of what’s to see.

This site has all types of bondage movies possible. May it be men submitting to women, women on women as well as men on men, there is something for everyone to enjoy. With so much kink doing the rounds of the website and regular updates to keep them on top of their game, is just every bondage lovers dream.

New Sensations

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When you look for a good porn site, there are some very simple things you need. Good high resolution images, fresh faces and daily updates, so that the viewers have something to look forward to on a daily basis. With, there is all of this, with a tinge of variety to please everyone out there.


Deliciously seductive young girls coupled with the hotness of their age makes the website one of the top porn sites on the Internet as of now. Definitely, the content, the models and the ideals of the website lives up to its name of New Sensations.

Everything about the website’s interiors spell success, craftiness and ease. There’s a lot to see once you’re inside the member’s area. However, this would mean that there are chances of the content going haywire while the members end up losing their brains trying to locate their favorite movies or porn stars etc. Once you log in, you will find that is not the case at all. Actually, it’s quite the opposite. The content has been organized in a very systematic manner, providing a subtle ease and excellent navigation facilities to the members.

What do you get with the New Sensations discount anyways?

  • Once inside, you will see some of the following features which are bound to blow your mind away.
  • Vast array of tools and filters, to simplify your browsing capabilities
  • An advanced filter to jump the gun and reach your favorite movies in a few clicks
  • Loads and loads of angles and tons of sweet ass porn, making it the hub for all your dirty fantasies
  • Traditional sex encounters to more modernized versions of sex, you name and you shall have it inside
  • High definition movies and galleries which can be downloaded in different formats, only for your exclusive pleasure
  • Different niches, so that the variety gets you going always.
  • Regular updates so that the old content is replaced with fresh content and you are never bored
  • Series of 1801 performers which are listed on the website as of now.

The videos have been shot at length with excellent lighting and angles. After all, the viewer should feel as if he’s a part of the shots. Mix of old and new movies, so that there is something compatible with all kinds of devices. The newer versions are in HD while the older ones need to be tweaked a bit more.

With New Sensations, all you get is good hardcore movies and adult rated galleries. With so much porn on the go, who would not want to exploit the chance and become a member quickly.


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If you are looking for a treat in the Porn world, then this is the site which will be suitable for you. Not only does it provide you with access to 21 sites instantly, but also, it provides you with additional 19 sites as bonus.


You can very easily access through the homepage, because it provides you with a very good interface for its users. At the same time, you can also check out other associate sites from the website. Thus, you can get access to Lez Cuties, or Anal Queen Alysa if you want. You can also scroll through DP Fanatics if you want. One of the biggest advantages is that these sites are just like 21Sextury and if you visit the website, you will have no problem accessing the website.

With this website, you can get an amazing collection of 8,764 movies in HD format. If you want, you can also check out the high resolution pictures and the galleries, which contain more than 8,435 videos. You can download each file in MP4 format or .AVI format or all at once in .ZIP format.

One of the best features which the 21sextury discount access provides you with is that you can mark videos as your favorite and store them. In this way, you do not have to look for the videos you like. All you need to do is visit the “favorites” section of the website and check out the video. Also, if you need to search, you can do it very easily by applying filters. You have a huge selection of the filters like ethnicity, pussy and ass types, hair color and off course, the porn categories which you may love.

You can also check out live models dying to show you their caliber and performing the act for you. You can rate the model and see the pictures and uploaded videos of the models by just browsing through the website and applying the filters. So, if you are looking for an amazing collection of items which will make your day, then this is the site you should choose. This is not only because you have access to more than 25 sites, but also because the contents of 21Sextury are uploaded daily to provide you with the best experience. So, why not try out the site when it is accessible so easily? After all, life offers you with only one chance and you should take active care to enjoy it!

Mr Skin

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This is not a gay porn site! Many newbie on this site have thought the same including me as I noticed the name. A collection of semi-nude and nude scenes from movies rated as R or PG over the years is offered by Mr Skin.


I know that you have already thought about doing the same, but had not seen the chance of actually doing it. Here is the solution to your laziness; a collection is now available for us.

Can you recall the amount of movie exposing Eva Mendes’ ass and breasts? How about the movies showing Kim Kardashian and Angelina Jolie’s alluring feminine curves? Surely, this guy can give you a total of 50,575 clips and a total of 178,782 video caps of these frames taken from every scene. Is that an unbelievable enormous amount of content? The numbers does not stop there, it continually gets updated.

A huge amount of information and sections are present with the Mr Skin discount and can be potentially confusing. Actually, this site is user-friendly despite of the vast amount of information. It is not hard to explore and get around. An area was allotted for updates, another area for blogs written and another for movies available for rent. Under each letter in the alphabet bar found on the top of the page, there are thousands, not hundreds, of celebrities involved in vulgar contents. A compilation extracted from different criteria lies under a sexy playlist, which will give you a “sit back and relax” feel.

Improvement in quality is imminent, and is more obvious in the recent uploads. You can enjoy them using your Flash Player or download them to an available media formats. Though there are only limited media formats are available, you can be assured of the High Definition videos uploaded recently. This site comes with a handy search engine, equipped to be an advanced tool, if ever your favorite star got tired and retired and you need to look for another bet. The actress category can give you an option to search your favorite star using the information including skin color, hair color, body type or even breast size. This will help you locate the best replacement for your retired bet.

You can also obtain the actress’s biography along with your sexually desired video clips. An addition to this is a brief synopsis of the film. Further additions are celebrity info, currently showing film information, news and nudity content on DVDs. Mr Skin is also available for chatting and is willing to answer questions about your naked bet and his or her movies.
You can see this website on news broadcasts or popular Hollywood films. Its ease of use and large database brought in the site’s popularity.

Digital Desire

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Desires are universal in nature, be it of any kind. However, if you have the desire of looking at naked sizzling hot beauties with amazing lady bits, then Digital Desire is the perfect website for you.


With an amazing collection of more than 1,133 videos with HD quality and high definition playback facility, you are bound to find some amazing chicks to soothe your eyes and increase your libido.

The content of the site is solo, but still contains some lesbian fantasies and playing with toys. Also, the act of lovemaking is seductive in the videos in the site and you can hear sweet, seductive music but also the moaning of women in throes of passion. In case you are looking for some still photographs of naked beauty which you want to worship, then there are the photo galleries for you. You can have access to more than 2,916 photo sets, which will be available in high resolution and help you to worship the stunning bods of these exotic beauties. If you love watching women in the throes of passion, then you will find the Digital Desire discount, pictures, and videos enticing. You can download the videos in the common formats and if you need, you can also download multiple files in compressed format.

The website updates it contents approximately two to four times a week and the photos are posted on alternate days. So, you have the chance of having new content each day when you login to the website. You do have a member’s forum where you can discuss with other members and can upload wall papers and videos of your own.

Thus, if you are looking for a great way to check out your desire, you can very easily do that with the help of Digital Desire. After all, you should enjoy the pleasures of life, which are available for you. If you do not have someone who can share similar sentiments in terms of bodily pleasure, then these divas from the digital world will be present to help you achieve the required amount of satisfaction, both mental and physical. So, what are you waiting for? Grab an access to the best website and enjoy a treat for your eyes. After all, you do have the opportunity to try out your luck with these naked beauties who are here to take care of your desires and provide you with pleasure!

Elegant Angel

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Are you really bored with your life and have no one to warm your bed at nights? Well, fret not, because the Elegant Angel is present which provides you with an eyeful of hardcore porn to meet your requirements.


The home page of this website contains several featured contents and you can access the videos from the different sections of the galleries that are present there.

One of the good features this website provides you with, in addition to hardcore porn to suit your needs is the amazing number of videos and photo galleries. You have access to 148 photo galleries, and 2480 videos. The videos are available in the common formats and you are able to check out some of the videos in HD format also.

If you like a variety of hardcore porn elements, then this is the correct site for you, as provides you with a variety of porn types ranging from gangbangs, ejaculations, bukkake, masturbation and female on female. If you love brunettes, you can check out the brunettes in action. On the other hand, you do have the option to choose from redhead, ebony, Asian or blonde sex divas who are ready to perform on screen to quest your thirst for pleasure. One unique feature, which is offered with the Elegant Angel discount, is the interface of the website. You need not download the videos in order to see them. You can save your most liked one and can rate as well as comment on any video if you want to. Since the commenting option is available, hence you have the option of choosing the “most commented on” and “most popular” videos via the search options.

On the down side, this website does not provide you with access to any additional websites as bonus, but you can hardly complain because of the quality of the videos, pictures and the services being provided. Be it noon or midnight, the Elegant Angel is present to provide you with the most satisfying life of yours, where you will not be stressed, not be tensed and have lots of fun and experience the orgasmic bliss.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and choose the correct category and find the sizzling hot chics waiting to be fucked or are being ripped apart by huge cocks in their ass as well as pussy. After all, you have only one life to live, why not enjoy it to the fullest?

Met Art

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There aren’t many who make beauty look so good like Met Art. They have been doing their kind of porn for more than ten years. They have been running with their erotic, artsy softcore porn material all over the market and have gained recognition for their work.


Many other sites that came up after these guys have been copying what they do, but none can reach the level of originality that these guys exhibit! They have made a home for all the well-known picture-men in the adult industry, and now you get the chance to join them. Want to know more? Read on!

Can hundreds and thousands of users really be wrong when they all heap praises on what this site has achieved? Can they really? We think not. There must be something that draws all these eyeballs to this site day in and out. Inside their galleries, they have something over 13300 picture sets and over 1020 films inside. This is a staggering amount of porn to crunch through no matter how dedicated you are.

When you are on the Met Art discount tour page, there is lots of information you can look at. This only gets better once you step into the members area. You will see what a well-run, well-designed site is supposed to look like! You will see the recent additions, rated models, other small features and tools that will help guide you through the mountain of material they have to offer. The features inside even allow you to change the number of thumbnails you want to see, and tweak other search elements so that you can locate exactly what you require. No time wastage, they want you engrossed in the material in as little time as possible.

This site wants to give new and old masters of photography a chance to shine. They offer all this erotica action to you, and then they make their delivery so slick and seductive you have no choice here but to say…MORE PLEASE! Constant with their updates, they have pictures that hit 4000 pixel resolution. You can have the pictures and download using ZIP file given. The movies formats you will find include mp4, mov, windows media, divx. Don’t forget the flash player and don’t forget that they have many movies in full HD mode. We know you are smiling, so are we!

What other impression can you be left with except complete bewilderment and excitement considering all that they have to offer. We haven’t even completely exhausted everything because these guys just do every single thing to perfection! They have interactive features and navigation system that offer zero resistance to members. They look good, they smell good, and they taste fantastic! That is what Met Art means to us, and that is what they will mean to you when you get your membership. High quality, simply flawless, check them out!

Wow Porn

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Wow Porn does “porn” and “beauty” a great service by integrating one into the other. The site looks spanking new with very glossy design. They also promise that they have a user-friendly site that allows members to just get quality porn all day long! Let’s see if their promises have any merit, here we go!


Porn has been around for decades and it’s not every day you come across a porn producer who is solely focused on innovating new porn idea. This site prides itself on pushing the boundaries beyond what is considered normal porn. When you check out the tour page, you will see just how focused they are on achieving their goal. For the majority, they have European gals who have that “real” kind of look and exceptional beauty.

The gals are young but they have such different and enchanting personalities. They use these personalities to make the material more engaging. There is a lot of passion that they exude when the cameraman shouts ACTION! You will see visually pleasing material involving various genres of hardcore porn and wickedly beautiful babes. And apart from the material itself, the production levels of these guys is right up there with the best of the best in the industry! They focus their camera, give you impeccable lighting, scenery, camera angles, resolution that is high, and all this makes the material they have High Quality.

These guys have developed new ways to specifically give the Wow Porn discount members the material they desire. They take the inexperience of the gals as something positive! They use the amateur nature of the models, take the various hardcore niches, mix up some great production and quality, and come out with an end product that anyone will love to eat all the time!

The platform they use is user friendly. It is also very stylish, but maintains its functions and flexibility this making it a super easy experience for members. You will have three things, 1) interaction features, 2) downloading abilities, 3) streaming functions. All these things, plus the smooth and sexy erotica material that these guys produce makes their deal look really enticing!

You will see different formats, 1080p HD quality action, and high res images. They have over 150 movies and over 213 picture sets. They have 25-minute movies and over 75 pictures in each set. The pictures are astoundingly good with super resolution quality being offered. Everything inside is always coated with a high level of professionalism. Many have watched what these guys do and ended up Cumming while saying “wow” like a hundred times over!

The experience you will have inside Wow Porn will have your nerves all fried and tingly and very excited! The intensity, beauty, amateur hardcore, professional, and high quality elements of this site make it a great deal for any porn lover! Check them out!

New Discount

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Join Now is for those who want an adult site that is about sensuality more than fetish hardcore. The models inside do engage in sex, but their version is softer and erotic, making the material easier on the eyes! They get their intensity from the slow way they engage in copulation and the fact that the gals are smoking-hot beauties!

This site, or network of babes, is filling a very important hole left in the industry that caters for those who do not fall into the hardcore-fetish stuff or the overtly softcore material. You can think of it this way, the gals inside are stunning like PLAYBOY babes, and yet they are not afraid of doing explicit stuff. There are great scenes where dudes batter these gals sexually, orgies, threesomes, and even lesbian action. And even if these guys are just getting into the thick of things in the porn industry, they have definitely started off at a hundred miles per hour! They have material and the tools and means of enabling members to easily watch the material.

You will be able to find favorites since they have tracking options inside that are meant to track what you like. They have interaction features that allow sharing and communication among members. You will have a very easy time searching for the babe or scene you want. They also have tags on their material further enhancing your searching abilities.

The discount network contains some 255 models with live feeds and 3rd party videos available also. They have 200 pictures in one set, and around 460+ picture sets so you will have lots of pictures. They have 25-minute long movies and 460+ scenes inside the video gallery.

Every week sees a new addition of pic and movie. The best resolution you can find inside is high definition 1080p and 720p. There is a file format for portable devices and some other video file formats. You have download and streaming and ZIP file features inside this site.

The high resolution of the images makes the color and seductive quality of the gals really shine. Overall, we can comfortably give these guys an A when it comes to quality of the porno that they have. We also give them an A for site design, layout, and presentation.

Yes, you will definitely not be throwing away your money when you join They have so many dreamy gals, dreamy action, high quality sensuality that is a welcomed thing for those tired of generic hardcore fetish! Check them out!


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There are certain descriptions you will never hear about Brazzers network. You will never hear that they are dull, un-entertaining, or stale! What you will hear is that they are wonderful, full of creativity, and extremely hardcore-centered.


This company goes far and wide in search of babes and nastiness in all its forms. The theme that is prevalent across the sites inside this network is lots of hardcore sex and cum! The gals with their fine soft butts and tits take hard pounding from long-veined-shlongs all day!

The network has many sites that offer you some 5688+ picture gallery and the same number of movies. They also offer the seductive big tit gals and tight holed smuts that make material exclusively for this network. They say that their material is engaging, high quality, exclusive, and hardcore-reality based, and we agree on all fronts! There are very few networks that offer the kind of caliber reality-hardcore that these guys produce. When you reach the members area, you will see the updates and then you will know what we are talking about. There are many scenes inside with certain themes like innocent coeds getting rammed, milfs seducing pricks, teacher student affair, and so on!

There are teens, tits, students, milfs, ebony, anal, secretary, interracial, and various niches of hardcore covered by this network. The ladies all want to have lots of sex and no one is more willing and capable of handing them what they need than this network. The network has multiple updates every day for their members.

One way of browsing the material is to surf the individual sites. Another is to surf network wide. There is a model index for you to use. The functions and tools are bare, simple to master, and user friendly. The gals work their magic in various scenes and pics.

Regardless of your internet connection, you will be able to access the movie gallery and watch the clips. They also have the option for full films plus saving and streaming the action is straightforward. There are mobile formats as well as other file types inside. The pictures are shot with glamour, professional equipment, and look spectacular. Regardless of which set you sample, you will find a nice consistency and the best pics are high res. Oh, the best movies are also high definition quality!

Some overtly critical people say that this network has hardcore and that is it, that they don’t do anything new for the industry! Well, even if this is true, they still have the best reality hardcore and production of their brazzers discount material is something superb. They also have a great network so don’t pay these naysayers much attention!

You want straight up high quality hardcore niches, Brazzers is the place to go! They have the boobs, the babes, the shlongs, the hardcore and the butts to drive any porn fan gooey! Recommendation is that you get your own membership and have all this action to yourself!


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PornPros is not just a porn site. Oh no. Porn Pros is actually 24 different porn sites all pulled together in order to make a network that anybody should be proud of joining. This site has everything you have ever wanted from porn under the one roof, so checking this site out should be one hell of a ride.


Of course you want to know how big this site is don’t you? Well, your membership is going to give you access to over 1300 models featuring in over 2800 videos and the same number of photo galleries. This basically means that you are going to be flooded with porn across the network and it is certainly enjoyable exploring the sites to see exactly what they can offer.

How Mega Is The Action?

It makes sense to ask this because clearly you do not want to join even with a pornpros discount and the action to be like a wet fish. Well, the fucking is out of this world and your eyes are going to be on stalks as you try to take in what is going on before your very eyes. I found myself jumping from one scene to another just to satisfy my ever increasing lust and I just know that you will be the same too.

How Mega Are The Chicks?

You are going to find a number of well known porn stars on this site, but to be honest they are all hot even if you have never heard their name before. All you need to know is that they have a great mixture of looks on there, so you are going to find somebody that just grabs you and gives you a good old shake.

PornPros makes navigating and downloading porn easy and I for one will need to look at getting a bigger hard drive as I cannot stop checking out their stuff. They are indeed pros at what they do and they are clearly experts at making the world horny by producing some of the best porn in the industry right now.


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Mofos is the kind of porn site that sneaks up on you, grabs you by the balls, and does not let go until it has bled you dry. Yep, their content really is that good and if you do not believe me, then it is best you head over and see for yourself.


So when you take that step to go and check out what Mofos has to offer you, then perhaps it is best to be prepared for what you are going to encounter. I am talking about hot action, filmed to such a high standard, and featuring some of the biggest names in the porn industry. Now try to tell me that this is not a recipe for success?

It Is How Hot?

This site is scorching, well there is no other way to describe so many of the scenes on there other than it is going to set your pants on fire. The fucking is out of this world and some of the chicks on there think nothing of taking a cock in both holes at the same time or getting off with one another. The energy, the rawness of the fucking, and the force with which they cum just marks this out as being a site to behold.

It Is How Big?

This mega site really is mega. The last time I looked it had over 500,000 pictures and more than 1600 videos. They also update roughly ten times a week and that is certainly way more than the industry average. What I am saying is that just with the sheer volume of content there is no way that you are going to be disappointed.

I Love Getting Around.

When a site is as big as this it does really need a good navigation system in order to do it justice. Thankfully, the mofos discount is so great as they have a number of different tools that make searching so easy and you are going to find your perfect scenes in next to no time as well.

Overall, I am more than impressed with Mofos and you will too if you have any sense and go there to check it out. Expect big names taking big cocks in every hole and if you are disappointed, then I will eat my hat.

GF Revenge

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There’s one thing we all hate about being in a relationship and that would be the tendency to break up. Well, for first time relationships, they’re usually bound to die out, 99% of the time.


Studies also show that people with the best marriage experiences are those who have been through several relationships in their past, which goes to show that it should be a solace for you if you’ve had previous relationships that didn’t really work because that means to say you’re going right to the perfect one. Anyway, breakups are always cute, I mean with how the ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends tend to be play this little forward and backward dance. Some would take it bitterly and some would endure the pain. Nevertheless, there’s no better way to redeem yourself than to revenge through sex.

GF Revenge will show you the beauty of that art. 

GFRevenge is a porn site themed towards couples who break up and still get the chance to have sex with each other so as to ruin their new relationships and thus fulfill the purpose of revenging. The videos in this site are interesting knowing for a fact that they do have actual stories that are based on real life situations. Of course, there’s just the element of magnification and emphasis, especially on the erotic side. It is after all edged towards pornography audiences. You’re surely gonna love it as much as I do. 

To date, there are 75 movies within GF Revenge’s database and each video runs from about 15 to 30 minutes. The quality is impeccable with 1080p resolution and sound effects are totally wild with the moans and screams that the women do with pleasure. All the videos are downloadable and there are also photo sets worth peaking into.

The subscription runs at 9.95 dollars a month using our GF Revenge discount and with all these wonderful contents in mind, there’s no doubting the beauty of GFRevenge. Enjoy!

X Art

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Grinding a whole and sieving it into atoms is not always the best way to go around. Remember that your life in this world has an end and you were second by second dying since the day you were born.


The point being is that if you are going to watch porn videos, make it worthwhile. How is worthwhile? It’s all about seeing the grandest picture without really having to focus on the little bits. On that note, there is always X Art that awaits your magical entry. 

X Art is a fully encompassing porn site and if you have been on a lifelong search for something that really goes all the way to the extremes, this is definitely the best choice for you. This magical porn site features a plethora of goodies, perhaps all the sexual goodies you can get. They have all the angular recordings available, so whatever point of view you want for sex videos, you can simply choose from the myriad of choices they have available. They also specialize in lesbian porn, threesomes and even incest.

The awesome thing here is that the incest videos are actually involved by real life siblings who belong to extremely open communities and families. Furthermore, how the videos are processed are totally professional, everything becomes so vivid as you play them on your screen.

What you should know is that X-Art takes pride in the kind of materials it produces. All the videos are at 1080p HD quality and that they update their database on a weekly basis. As far as I know, they currently have more than 250 videos and they can be downloaded for as long as you are member or subscribed to the site.

There are also photo galleries, over 300 plus and when collapsed would stretch to more than 10,000 pictures all in all. The wonderful thing I noticed here is that when I tried to access the site on my phone, it automatically patches through to a mobile version of the site, which is always a convenient thing for day goers. Anyways, if you’re now considering to join the site, all you have to do is pay for $19.95 and that would also be the amount you have to pay for on a monthly basis. Enjoy the X Art discount since it is really like no other!


New Videobox Discount


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Obviously VideoBox is pretty self-explanatory in that it does not contain any photo sets, but then when you have as many videos on their site as they do, then that is not exactly a major let down. Instead, you are going to be swamped with so many porn movies that you are going to have no idea whatsoever with what to do next.


We are talking about 100,000 different movie scenes to check out and they will contain so many of your favorite stars doing all kinds of crazy sexy things that you are going to love what they have on offer. Each scene lasts around 20 minutes in total and you can stream and download until your heart is content or until your hard drive is completely full with porn.

The number of different things that you get to see on here are too numerous to list, but you can just think about anything you have ever seen in a porn movie and you know that it is going to be in here. The quality does vary a great deal, but then that is not the fault of this particular website, but instead is due to the videos themselves as the older ones are not shot in HD. However, the latest ones, and they are always updating this site, are amazing to watch, so let them off with this little thing as it is out of their control.

Moving around this website is also very easy to do and that does make a huge difference or else you would struggle to find any scene that you want. They have certainly thought long and hard about the search facility and for me it is one of the best out there right now.

The membership here is terrific with prices starting at just $8 a month with the new videobox discount savings. You shouldn’t have to even think twice about joining.

If you love porn movies, then I can recommend VideoBox as there are so many under the one roof that you will never have to go anywhere else. This site is massive, it is impressive, the content is out of this world, can you think of a reason not to go and join it now?


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The BangBros bus just seems to keep on rolling along with new porn being uploaded to their network a number of times a week. These guys are all about having fun and fucking all of the time and there is no doubt that they do produce some of the best porn available on the Internet.


This site is absolutely massive and to get a better idea of the size we just need to look at the amount of content that you will be able to access when you sign up. This site has over 6,000 scenes to choose from and nope that is not a misprint. The average length of the scene is also 25 minutes, so work out how many hours worth of porn you are going to be able to watch as soon as you join.

Not to mention the bangbros discount on blast… Oh yeah, if that is not enough, then you also get to check out a large number of photo sets as well, over 6,000 of those in actual fact, and there are 120 photographs in each set. Feel free to download in their zip file to keep them for later because with there being so many to choose from it is pretty obvious that it will take some time to work through everything that is available on their site.

So what about the actual content?

There is no point in having a lot of it if the actual stuff you see is not that good. Well, I can put your mind at ease here because the content itself is outstanding. The variety of scenes available means that you get to see anything and everything that you want and of course the new stuff is also in HD. We are talking about outdoor sex, group sex, anal, cum in pussies, cum everywhere in actual fact, oral, you name it they do have it and it is all seriously, seriously hot.

BangBros is of course a network, so you also get access to another 30 sites all of which have exclusive content. These sites break it up into individual fetishes or genres and to be honest it just makes it easier to move around when there is so much to choose from. That is not to say that the main site is a nightmare to navigate around as that is certainly not the case, and anyway with so much quality porn to choose from surely you wouldn’t mind learning how to move around?

Haze Her

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Every college student is excited about the prospect of finally meeting new people, being away from home and of course ‘getting some’, but nothing can prepare these cute college coeds for what lies ahead.


Being in a sorority is an integral part of college life and girls will do anything, yes anything to get into a popular sorority. These Haze Her girls though, have no idea of quite what they have to do to get into this particular sorority.

From double anal fucks to pussy line-ups

From bending over and sharing a dildo anal fuck with another hopeful girl, to oiling up each others bodies and tweaking each others nipples, to joining in on the ‘pussy line-up’, these girls are really willing to give anything it takes, or so it seems!

You will probably blow your load in 2.1 seconds

This site has to be one of the hottest sites out there and guaranteed to keep you horny for exactly 2 seconds, since it will take about 2.1 seconds before you blow your load. When you have settled down of course, you can enjoy all the other goodies for a little longer!

These girls think of things even we didn’t think of!

There is just something so amazingly horny about watching girls tease, torment and force other girls into lewd sexual acts for their own gratification. This includes, shoving a stick up another coeds well oiled ass-hole while others watch, having girls lick each other out nervously and despite their misgivings, cumming loudly for all to see, as well as an assortment of ingenuous ideas that even we, as genuine perverts could not have thought of!

The girls on Haze Her as as you would expect from general coeds, are all different, ranging from gorgeous to the brainy chicks with glasses on. Whatever your fancy is, you will find it satisfied over and over.

These dirty sorority leaders have the same mind as you have!

The nasty dirty sorority leaders will ensure that all your taste buds are satisfied and you will be addicted and come back for more.

If you check out the site, it’s doubtful you will leave there

The site itself has an authentic feel about it, as one would expect from college students, but of course the footage, photos and all else is super professionally shot and delivered. You can even take a day and check out the goods and trust me, you will want to once venturing on there, for only $1.

The scenes are super varied, including hot chicks being anally pleasured on tennis courts, dorm rooms, swimming pools and pretty much anywhere else you’d imagine where the sun does and doesn’t shine.

Go get ‘em with the Haze Her discount Offer!

Super hot coeds getting up to tall the things you used to fantasize about whilst laying bored amongst your study books and jerking off. Here you get to live that actually fantasy day-after-day if you wish to! Hurry now, the girls are waiting!

Team Skeet

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The first thing that enters your mind when you open up Team Skeet, is ‘busy’. That is what TeamSkeet is all about, if you love banging ebony, blonde’s, brunettes and demand an array of teens and looks Team Skeet has got it covered.


There is just so much stuff to look at, plus 7 updates a week. There is more though, once you sign on as a member to Team Skeet you also get their other 16 horny sites totally free. These have to be the dirtiest and sexiest teens on the Internet. They also love anal so be prepared for a super hardcore time!

Site works mainly on graphic navigation

With so much content you might be worried that you could miss something or get lost? TeamSkeet has is nailed. You can add favorites, make thumbnails and order your content quite nicely. If you comment on something, that genre will be noted by the site and more of the same thrown at you in bucket loads.

The site works mostly on tempting graphics, so if you like a thumbnail or scene you can navigate from there. This is easy as clearly some thumbnails will catch your attention more than others.

Plenty of download options going at big at 2Gbs

There are plenty of download options available once you have found what you want. Including WMV and MP4s, which you can also download to mobile if required. The sizes and resolutions vary, as you’d expect with an older site and with some going up to 2Gbs. Whatever you choose you will do so based on your computer or mobile capacity and the good news is that they have it sorted that side.

Both professional models and amateurs

There is a nice mix of established models and new faces, but all of the goods is shot very professionally and mostly in POV style. There are trailers for each movies as well as slide shows in order to help you make your decision.

The Team Skeet discount has all your cheap teen fantasies covered

The site is hardcore, it caters to all the dirtiest fantasies one can imagine and these teens are up for it all. Team Skeet has been around for a long while now, which means huge content. Overall this site is highly recommended if you are into teen porn and hardcore. The two are of course a winning combination.

Dare Dorm

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These horny college students are enough to make a grown man cry. Or, let us not be sexist, a grown women!


Where was this bunch when I was at college? My college years consisted of a smelly roommate who never showered and left his crusty sandwiches under his bed. To a few grateful fumblings with a girl called Shirley who never spoke to me again after we shagged one drunken night after a party.

Dare Dorm Allows One to Go Back to College

I just knew I had been missing out and Dare Dorm lays it all bare. This is where all the fun is, these are the people you want to know and share body fluids with. Or, if like me you have left your college days way behind you can at least go back and perv over what you really did miss out on.

Reality Porn Submitted by Students

It is said that Dare Dorm is a collection of amateur videos and photographs as submitted by these naughty students that want to earn more money for their studies, amongst other things of course.

Group sex, gang-bangs, lesbians and threesomes are all in a days studying. There are even mass sex scenes including banging, masturbation and group oral. This is the stuff that dreams are made of.

The girls are true to what you would expect from college girls. Fresh faced, no porn-stars and ready and willing for action. Most of the scenes take place in dorm rooms, dorm bathrooms and toilets, pool parties and clubs and there is a nice build up to each scene, which is explosive, in all ways!

Whether or not all this stuff is in fact submitted by college students becomes irrelevant, since the quality of video is excellent. My own suspicions, for what it is worth factoring the dare dorm discount in, is that some of it is real and some performed by college-age students and shot professionally. Either way I am a happy camper.

Good quality content at around 200 videos, updates and video caps will make this a pleasurable site to join. It is priced quite well and is totally horny and a turn-on if you are over the regular porn factories out there.

Wicked Pictures

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Wicked Pictures is a high-end HD lovers dream, as all of their content is so clear and so mouth-watering it is hard to navigate away from the site once you hit their homepage. The latest videos are running at a super high 6100k.


The models are absolutely gorgeous on Wicked Pictures with a multitude of ‘types’ to choose from. There are tattooed bad girls, bronzed Goddesses and Asian sweeties. You will be delighted at the variety and amount of girls on the site. There is also a nice age spread too with barely legals, somewhere in between and mature.

Well-known Porn Stars

Jenna Jameson, Carmen Hart and Brittney Skye are some of the better known porn-stars on this site. Having said that, there are tons of new comers here too, which will no doubt be major players in the industry soon.

The Meat

Inside, once you become a member you get to savour over 1000 porn-stars, watch over 3000+ HD videos, 48 000 bonus videos and enjoy over 500 award winning scenes as recognised by the top players in the industry. This at least lets you know you are amongst the top sites in Internet Porn.

You can enjoy weekly updates, vote on the girls and scenes and start downloading with no limits. You can also watch the movies on your mobile phone if you want to. Included in download options are Windows, MP4 and flash player.

Live Cam Shows

The nice thing too, is that you can sign on for the weekly cam shows, which feature some of the hotties you will get to know on the site. This is extra of course, but it is nice to know one can get so up close and personal with their favorite models.

All Hardcore Niches Covered

You can enjoy all of the hardcore niches including anal, group sex, MMF, FMM, lesbian, facials, tug-jobs, blow-jobs and gang bangs as well as some really horny role-plays too. The good news is, that all of this content is exclusive to using the Wicked Pictures discount that only we got, so your money is well spent.

There are a number of joining options as well as trial periods if you fancy a look-about before you sign up. this includes a two days trial at time of this review at $1. You can even join up for an entire year at a very fair price, which is in my opinion paltry compared to the excellent quality and goods you get inside.

Wow Girls

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Life is too short but it gives you more than enough time to live one full of wonders. We are not entitled to continue existing for the sake of routine. Everyday, we need to find means to cope up with the need to be constantly amazed of the things we see before us, that we need to see past the sticks and stones, flesh and bones that we are all made of.


 The same thing applies to porn — you should not just settle to watching porno just so you could fulfill the lecherous mechanism your hands are required of your penis. No, you need to find meaning in watching porn and that meaning constitutes to the need to continuously wonder and be amazed of life in itself. So, if you want porn that can prove to you how un-mundane everything really is, that there is magic, then you should go watch ém vids from the wonderful Wow Girls.

What is the Wow Girls Discount Price?

Wow Girls is one of the porn sites that really made me say, hats off to the creators. The site is one of a kind for the fact that it lets its viewers see the other side of pornography, that there is art, that the thing in itself is art, that we have all been worshiping art as we watch porn with great pleasure. Here, you will see how girls prove themselves amazing as they blow cocks in the most interesting ways, and get fucked at the balcony, and that’s actually the easiest part of their acts. So, Wow Girls is a site that wants you to prepare for amazement!

Unlike most porn sites out there, WowGirls focuses on hitting the bars in terms of quality. For that reason, you don’t get thousands of videos, but definitely more than enough to keep your years straight with the highest quality porn. There are over 300 videos and everyday there’s an update. The videos run at 15 minutes each on average and there are also photo galleries that are supplementary bonuses of the videos. The best part, it’s only 29.97 dollars a month for subscription. And by subscribing to the site, you’ll find out that it actually gets better all the more!

Playboy Plus

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You need to put everything into balance. You can’t just work your ass of all the time because your batteries will run out and you will be utterly uninspired. You need to make change with the course of your life and with that in mind, have some time to watch some porn and recharge your manly batteries.


There are literally hundreds of thousands porn sites in the world today but not all of them can give you the kind of satisfaction you need. So, to cut you all the bull of having to dig deep lands just to find that gem of a porn site, I tell you now to watch only PlayBoy Plus. 

PlayBoy Plus is like a console gaming emulator, it gives you the kind of pleasure you once got from the archetype gaming models. But of course, this one goes for an explicit context. It is reminiscent to the Playboy Magazine we all know, the magazine we have all patronized as men during the time of our maturity, since the day we have learned our hands happen to be the very first great companion of our penis before the vagina ever came into our vocabularies. What makes similar to the famous magazine all the more is the fact that they gather fucking beautiful models only. You won’t get anything less than something that will cause you a cathartic sensation during the whole pornographic watch. 

What’s the PlayBoy Plus discount All About?

PlayBoy Plus is one of those porn sites that does not fail to put quality and quantity in mind. So, while you are able to enjoy up to over 6000 high quality videos and thousands of photo galleries packed with over 100 photographs for each. All the videos are not only crisp in clear in the visual set, but also the models are smokin’ hot with moves that go like a freestyle bonanza you always wanted to have. The site is updated on a monthly basis and the subscription is only for 29.95 dollars a month. Renewal of subscriptions will give you a 10 dollars of discount which means after the first month, you will only have to pay for 19 dollars in the subsequent months to come! So, enjoy!

Naughty America

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It gets you every time! You open the homepage of Naughty America and see POV style angles that get you going from the very first second. Four chicks sucking one lucky studs dick and really it is as if you are there feeling the action.


Naughty America grabs you between the legs the moment you start looking through their smut on page one. This is of course their clever marketing tool! A beautiful secretary gets her butt licked out as she bends over a desk. Looking super sophisticated, but reduced into a simpering horny mess as she begs for more. A close up and clear scene showing an old favorite ‘The 69′. You can hear all the gurgling licking and sucking and again the angles are fantastic.

Bonus Sites Galore

When you join Naughty America you not only get all the lavish content they have collected over the years but also an additional 29 bonus porn sites. They sure know how to tickle everyone’s fancy with titles like ‘My Friend’s Hot Mom’, ‘My First Sex Teacher’, ‘Seduced By a Cougar’, ‘Naughty Office’ and their new offering ‘Naughty Weddings’. There are too many to mention but trust me, you will get variety and you will get what you need once becoming one of Naughty Americas elite. That means simply joining!

New Bonus Site

Naughty Weddings is a real turn on. You see the horny couple get married looking all sweet and innocent, then afterwards they get seriously dirty with each other banging to their hearts delight and guess what, you get to see it all!

They are mobile and tablet friendly as well as offering the usual viewing options that include WMV and MP4. There are over 6000+ movies and 6000+ galleries. They score five stars on site promises, five stars on content amount and the content is exclusive.

There are plenty of prices to appeal to different pockets too so, even if you just want a one day trial that is available too at just $1.95.

A Naughty America discount is a staple in the world of online porn. They have the awards and content to prove that they are here to stay and do deliver. The fun never ends and the genres are ever growing. Who knew that Naughty America had it in them! Definitely a winner on all score tables.

Evil Angel

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If you have heard of the adage ‘Stick with the winners’ you probably already know Evil Angel well enough to write a review yourself. This massive site run by the top directors in the porn industry has won over 60 awards including ‘best website’. It would seem then, my job is done, no further review is needed!


What would one expect of a production and team run by the biggest names in the industry. John Stagliano is well known to many and his magic dirty wand continues to weave a spell over all who venture forth bravely into his world.

Roughest Toughest Hardcore Sex on the Net

So, what is the Stagliano world then. Evil Angel is all you would imagine it to be. The roughest, toughest hardcore sex on the Internet. Here anal goes one step further with massive gaping ass holes. Girls taking whole apples up there and loving every minute of it. The photography never lets the site down, since after all this anal play you get to peer down a beautiful models gaping ass hole after all her pleasure has been taken care of.

The women on this site will drive you mad. They are absolutely gorgeous and the best part is they are not afraid to try anything and I mean anything. The difference is, they do it with such aplomb and style that your brain has difficulty registering it. Your nether regions certainly will though and from the moment you sign on your second brain leads the way!

The Facts

The Evil Angel discount website is jam packed with goodies once you join. They have been around for over a decade and so of course know what they are doing. There are over 8000 scenes at last count to dribble over, close to 3000 porn stars on their books and these are not small-fry porn stars either. These are the top girls in the industry. Take a look back through their archives and you get to see names like the infamous Belladonna and Sasha Grey.


Viewing options are fantastic, with different formats to suite your needs and computer ability. These include WMV, MP4 or you can stream. With over 6000 full movies to watch you will be doing a lot of viewing!


If you want really hardcore sex, Evil Angel will not only provide what you need but push your boundaries a little further back each time. This site is a cruel and beautiful production that you will join and you will enjoy each and every day.

College Rules

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88 is the magic number over at College Rules as they have 88 photo sets and 88 videos. They say the content here is strictly user submitted but you would hardly care about that since the college girls are really hot.


They make everyone wish they were young again. This is why you should really enjoy being young because when you get old, you won’t be able to enjoy life anymore. There are a lot of kids here who know how to live life to the fullest as they experiment with sex and have fun while doing it.

The chicks on College Rules get drunk and boy do they ever as they lip lock with fellow girls. However, that does not mean that they are lesbians. It only means that they want to get it on in a few minutes as this is their form of getting ready for the good stuff. It gets wild and rowdy here so you must prepare for the wildest. We are told there is a $5000 cash prize for the students that submit the best video. We don’t really care who wins since with all the action here, we all know we are the winners.

You would be able to save your favorites here and all the content here are exclusive to the site. A bunch of bonus sites would be useful though since they only update the site once in every two weeks. For some reason, there are some advertisements for other sites and nobody would appreciate that.

The College Rules discount and overall site is something that would make you wish you would have done things differently when you were in college unless you are still in college right now. If it was not for the lack of content here then you would certainly recommend this site to all of your friends. It has the making of a good porn site as the girls are sexy and there are a lot of nice amateur stuff. Fans of amateur porn will dig the stuff here as there are some amateur camera work. You can also leave ratings for the videos.

Digital Playground

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Digital Playground should never be overlooked as the site has won more than 300 industry awards in the world of porn. The girls here are hot and the videos are streamed in HD quality so you have nothing to complain about there.


They have a steady update schedule as they upload a DVD to their library that contains more than 450 titles. They have such a nice collection that your cock would get hard once you get a hold of their sexy ladies stripping to nothing. It is too bad you would only be able to stream the DVDs here as some porn fans are used to downloading the goodies then watching them when they get back from work. That would result in too many files getting downloaded at the same time then they would leave the computer open. Digital Playground has well known porn stars featured like Jesse Jane and Kayden Kross. They prefer to be adventurous when it comes to sex as some of their porn stars try sex positions that haven’t been done before.

For the extras, there are some cool behind the scenes clips of the girls messing around with each other while the cameras are not rolling. This is clearly not something you would masturbate to but it is still a lot of fun to watch. They give you a good idea of what is really happening after a really good sex scene. You would think it is all fun for them but they also have to clean up after they swallow some load.

Digital Playground has a nice design and they give a bunch of cool search tools in order to arrive at what you are looking for. They certainly make it easy for all the members and that makes their site even more attractive. The streaming is so nice that you won’t notice it is actually an embedded player that it is being played on. The player is large and you got the option to watch it in full screen. This is one site where you will anticipate the next digital playground discount and latest updates to the site.

Playboy TV

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Fancy a bit of class with that ass? If so take a look at Playboy TV. All of us know who Playboy is, unless we have never had a pulse. Those days the magazines used to dive us wild with desire. The chicks were so hot, so sexy and so perfect. In those days though, we had to rely on page turning and story-lines to get our masturbation fix.


Today Playboy has changed! The girls move around, talk and also have different types of sex in order to satisfy your smutty appetite. That means that, if you fancy a girl you can search for all her scenes and get all the pleasure you can out of her.

There are great behind the scenes information, like the girls that apply to be playmates. There are series to get involved in, diary’s to read as well as ‘get-to-know’ sessions with some of the most famous playmates.

This is often what is missing on other porn sites. The fact that you can really get to know a girl. It’s also not all made up hype to get you going. Since, most of these girls are also personalities.

Content Strictly Exclusive tothe Playboy TV Discount

All of the footage is exclusive to PlayboyTV and as many of the stunning models will tell you, that is why they have chosen Playboy to work for. They know that their ‘stuff’ will not land up all over the place.

As would be expected the graphics are super high quality. Playboy has a name to uphold and they certainly have done so on their TV Channel. You get various download options as well as streaming, whichever suites your mood or computer capacity.

Massive Content

Content-wise you might feel a little overwhelmed since a lot of stuff dates way back when. This is all the fun of PlayboyTV, you get to see their history too. Clearly this footage is not in HD, since it had not been invented then right! However, the navigation help is fantastic and the searches easy.

Why Choose Playboy TV

If you are looking for women to perv over that are far beyond gorgeous and classy to boot, you will love all Playboy TV has to offer. it is newsy and entertaining too. The nice thing about it is that women enjoy Playboy.TV too, since there is tons of advice about sex. Who knows, perhaps you will learn something new too!

Reality Kings

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In case you have been living on Mars for the last few decades and never heard of Reality Kings, I am the lucky one that gets to write a review for the site!


RealityKings hit the scene many years ago, when all this polished porn was the order of the day. That meant, loads of models posing and primping for the cameras. It also meant staged scenes and scripts. Suddenly, someone with a brain namely the producers of Reality Kings came up with the idea that ‘real’ people doing ‘real’ things were far more hotter and smutty than all this make-up lights and camera shenanigans.

Real Porn and Real People are Hotter

The result was a bunch of hardcore dirty porn that was quite risqué in those days. Today, the Reality Kings discount has proved its point many times over. That real people are hotter.

Here, you will see people really getting off, panting sweating and groping at one another. The only difference between the old RealityKings and the modern version these days is the quality of video. Which, is of course logical since in those days there was no HD.

Reality Kings also went harder than hard. Double penetration, anal sex and panting sluts that wanted nothing more than to be banged and paid for it. So, although the outfit is far more polished it still has retained its dirty underbelly.

A Site with More Awards Than Any Other

The site has won countless awards and many scenes have also been awarded. All of this is there for you to see, so if you fancy seeing some of the older stuff, that is there too.

Just like in real life, the models and scenes are different every time. Some sites can get boring with the same-old-same. Not Reality Kings. Footage taken in cars, people driving and fucking, on buses, trains and planes. There are group sex scenes, gang bangs, MMF, FFM and much more. If you can think of a genre it will be there. If its not there, RealityKings challenges you to tell them!


The site itself is easy to navigate through, since the content is massive. You will understand how massive once you join, as once you do you get access to their entire network. That means if you are a penny pincher like me you will enjoy all the 38 bonus sites they throw in for nothing. That also means that you will never have to pay for another porn site ever again.

DDF Network

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From the moment you open DDF Network’s homepage you get that feeling of pure professionalism. The models look a touch above the regular bunch you see hanging out on porn-sites. These girls are super gorgeous, but don’t let that fool you, if it is anal or gang bangs and hard core sex you are after, you will not be disappointed.


You also become aware that this is not one site we are talking about, but a network of some of the hottest well known sites in the industry. When you join the DDF Network you also get access to their other premium sites on their network.

What Do You Get?

Once becoming a member you can relax and start looking at the 12 000+ high quality videos, you can also begin finding your favorite porn-stars in amongst the 2000+ hottest stars they have on their books. You can also begin looking at over 1 million photographs. Yes, that was no typo, there are over a million hardcore photos to look at. That is some hefty content!

DDF Network is Geared for Customer Satisfaction

The content is not only massive, but also updated regularly. You have a few choices when it comes to viewing pleasure. MPEG, WMV 1280×720, WMV 1920×1080, Flash 960×540 and MP4. You can also store all downloadable content into zip files for ease of use.

The content is fully exclusive and all niches are covered. Including anal, blow jobs, role-play, hairy, big tits and FFM to name a few.

The DDF Network site itself is very well organised and it is easy to find what you are looking for. You will however find new things you do like, just from being on the site. Since, they offer so much. The highest rated categories are there, but aside from that all categories and niches are mentioned.

DDF Network discount on Longer Term Memberships

The best recommendation one can give, is go and take a look for yourself. You will find the models hypnotizing. There are excellent built in bonuses on pricing for longer term memberships, so it is recommended to take a longer one. Since, you will stick around once savoring what they are offering.


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It is hard to believe that Hustler is 35 years old! Many of us can recall the sexy magazine laying around our older friends homes, or even under our parents beds. Those models looked so deliciously naughty and seductive. Thank goodness times have changed and now we can watch them moving around, talking to us and showing us their bits and pieces with gay abandon.


Many of the scenes we fantasized about will come to live once you join Hustler the site. The great thing about a company being around so long is they know what turns us on.

Of Course Hustler Got a Whole Lot Dirtier

Opening Hustler’s home page shows that these vixens haven’t changed one iota. There they are in all their voluptuous beauty ready to play. Of course the models have changed, Jayden James, Amanda Tate and Spencer Scott are the household names of today. Plus, it all got a lot more dirtier as we would expect. Here, anal sex, lesbians, threesomes, foursome and even train sex is all in a days work. Train sex is when there is a whole line of people giving each other pleasure.

The photography is crystal clear, just as it was in those days, but even clearer. Now, we have HD pure clarity which means this puts you there in the midst of all the saucy action. Many scenes are shot POV style. That also means these are the angles you see when you yourself are shagging one of these super hot porn-stars, which is exactly what it feels like.

So, What Can You Expect?

There are over 2 500 full fledged porn-stars on their site. They vary in age from barely legal to smoking hot MILFS and cougars. Nearly 10 000 scenes to drool over. A massive 1 700 full videos, well over 100 000 photographs to stare at and wait for it, 20 additional bonus sites when you join Hustlers main site.

The Hustler Discount Bonus Sites Will Blow You away

The bonus sites will blow you away. “Barely Legal”, “Taboo”, “Anal Hookers”, “Asian Fever”, “Bossy MILFS” and a whole host of fetish titles to turn you on. You can watch this luxurious collection of porn on various formats suitable specifically for you. MP4, WMV, MPEG and flash player.

A great site from a company we would only expect the best from. Check out the discounted prices on longer term memberships. It is doubtful that you would venture anywhere else after being here, since they cover all categories and genres so there is no need. All the content is exclusive and the models on the Hustler sites are absolutely smoking hot.


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If there’s one thing I want everything to be, that would be Barney. Why? Because he is legendary! I’m not talking about the purple gay dinosaur, but the one from the show that has departed the prime time slot along with my soul — How I Met Your Mother.


Anyway, I would like to confess that I’m a voyeur and at the same time, I love to fuck women myself. And usually, my endeavors are successful because I probably have the charm that not many guys have. What I’m trying to say is that I’m legendary just like this site I’m about to reveal to you to which I got true inspiration from. It’s called Twistys, akin to your favorite Playboy TV and other porn sites that shimmer with magnificence. 

What is the Twistys discount All About?

Twistys is all about exhibiting what legend really means to the vast majority of porn addicts out there. The company offers a wide range of porn content that stretches with the hottest models doing all the hottest scenes, garnering a 10 over 10 from all the porn spectators out there. It would be unjust to compare Twistys to other sites out there unless it’s not anything less than its rivals like Penthouse and Playboy. Nevertheless, these hubs play in a seemingly equal amount of game in the process. The competition is tough!

What You Get with Twistys

For as low as 7.95 a month, you will be able to enjoy more than 6000 videos from Twistys. And again, they’re not just the ordinary kind of porn clips out there, they are embellished and are ready to be deeply relished. You can choose your kind of model in action through the filtered search and enjoy scenes that go along with your predilections. In addition, there are over 16,220 picture sets. Like how the hell are you going to view all the images in each set? But what does it matter. Enjoy as much as you can through this legendary porn hub! Before I forget, you can download the contents, too. So, enjoy!


New FTVGirls Discount


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Do you want to know a bit more about FTVGirls before making that big leap to become a member of the site? To begin with, it’s a highly popular softcore porn site that promises to deliver only the best films that concern fresh looking girls engaging in the most exciting sexual activities.

To tell you the truth, the girls are indeed true to be loved. In every way they are beautiful — a magically beautiful visage, a curvylicious build, not necessarily big breasts for all but definitely juicy-looking, asses that you can never resist and skin that you would always want against yours. For a softcore action site, this is something that you really need to do some excavation through. Now, let’s take a deeper look at FTVGirls.

Life is stressing and it is something that can never be avoided. Humans basically need a daily outlet to which they can pacify themselves for all the dis-consolations. This gets truer with the male species. Men are more emotional beings and they don’t really have the guts to show it all the time so as to protect their ego. FTV Girls knows about all these and it is always there for the solace of men’s distresses. I mean, who wouldn’t love having their sweet surrenders at the confines to which you can be enamored with virgin-looking girls, but it’s just that they’re young and vigorous and definitely fuckable in every way.

What You Get with FTVGirls discount

FTVGirls aims to give the best to their male audience (and even to the lesbos out there who can’t control their affinities to their kinswomen.) So, the site is bolstered with 3150 full movie clips that are rendered in high resolution screens. There are also 620 picture sets with photographs that are remastered to perfection. All the contents are downloadable and the monthly fee only runs at $29.99.

In conclusion, with the vast range of videos you get to enjoy paired with the picture sets that can be stretched to a seemingly endless list, it comes to no doubt that FTVGirls is worth the spend. It’s the best way for men to brighten up their dark days.

Passion HD

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The first thing you will notice about Passion HD is the clean-cut layout. The home screen has two main categories, models, and scenes. There are other features, menus, links and tools inside but these two are the main starting points for locating material. Options inside include looking at material according to popularity or model’s name.


Critics might consider this site relatively young since they dint become operational until last year around November. This might be one of the reasons why the site has maintained a basic navigational layout. You should not join this site hoping to find thousands of porn clips and pictures. They simply haven’t been around that long to amass such content. However with the Passion HD discount and the hot stars on the site, joining is required.

Having said this, we feel that we should congratulate Passion HD for the 257+ videos and 257+ photo galleries that they have managed to upload for their members. Since their inception, the site has been doing multiple updates every week, which has helped to achieve the above-mentioned numbers. The fifteen models who work for the site are sexy, beautiful, and full of passion. They have petite erotic bodies and amazing facial structure that makes them really entertaining to watch. There is a certain “gal-next-door” theme going on inside this site that makes the material a real delicacy for members.

As the site grows, we hope that they will include more information inside the model index so that we can appreciate the models even further. What kind of porn niches do you expect to get from this site? There are facials, blowjobs, POV, hardcore penetration, public, money shots of gals holes, tits, and pussy.

A majority of the Passion HD videos are thirteen minutes long. The material inside seems to follow a certain pattern, where you have studs with long hard pricks simply banging young tight holes until they orgasm. It might seem simple, but do not underestimate the erotic nature of this material.

Other features: 1) fast download 2) HD options including wmv and QuickTime 3) streaming features using the embedded flash player 4) multi bandwidth 5) different bit-rate qualities for streaming.

Comparing what the tour-page promises and the actual material inside, we have come to the conclusion that this site is worth joining. This is because they deliver on every promise they make. The gals are mad talented when it comes to erotic sex. The site has an updating schedule that is acceptable. Give Passion HD their due (admission fee) and in return, they will give you of the best hardcore material online.


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VideosZ is a marvelous site with marvelous gals and marvelous material. This site annihilates all its completion thanks to the colossal amount of material that it has. The site has been around for some time and has managed to upload a lot of DVD content for members to sample and enjoy.


Sure, you have seen porn sites advertise that they are the biggest in the game, but when you login to sample their goods, you get low quality material that is not pleasurable at all. Unlike these sites, VideosZ has both quality and quantity when it comes to hardcore porn material. In order to maintain a tight hold on the industry as being the biggest porn DVD site online, the site had to modify its layout and increase the quality of its material over the years. This has lead to a more responsive, feature-laden site that lets you find material, download, or watch it at your convenience.

The site has also had to come up with HD content so that it can retain clients who want only the very best quality. Another area that has been touched by this “modification process” is the amount of porn niches offered by the site. With a plethora of niches, members can sustain and expand their porn preferences since there is literally everything inside the site. This increase of niches has given the site a higher kinky-rating that has helped to draw in more people.

You will also find that the site has search tools, menus and other ingenious features to help you navigate. The quicker you can locate the material you want, the less time you will waste clicking link after link trying to locate a certain niche. This is what members to this site receive as part of their package videosz discount deal. Categories you will find inside include series, models, porn stars, producers, etc. The site has 80611+ videos and clips that are drawn from over 13659 DVD titles (We told you, they have lots of movies!) If you want to download them all, then do so since there are no download limitations. The videos come in wmv, avi, flash, mp4, formats. Like we said earlier, there are many movies that are in HD mode.

The one thing that has not changed about this site is the fact that they do not have a picture gallery. Those who join this site do so strictly for the videos. The updating feature means that more quality DVD and videos will be available very soon for your consumption.

You might be considering going to your local DVD store to get these movies, but seriously, why bother when this site has packaged them all smartly for your lustful eyes. With thousands of hardcore quality material available on a daily basis, joining this site is not only wise, it is simply very practical. Check out VideosZ today!