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The first thing you will notice about Passion HD is the clean-cut layout. The home screen has two main categories, models, and scenes. There are other features, menus, links and tools inside but these two are the main starting points for locating material. Options inside include looking at material according to popularity or model’s name.


Critics might consider this site relatively young since they dint become operational until last year around November. This might be one of the reasons why the site has maintained a basic navigational layout. You should not join this site hoping to find thousands of porn clips and pictures. They simply haven’t been around that long to amass such content. However with the Passion HD discount and the hot stars on the site, joining is required.

Having said this, we feel that we should congratulate Passion HD for the 257+ videos and 257+ photo galleries that they have managed to upload for their members. Since their inception, the site has been doing multiple updates every week, which has helped to achieve the above-mentioned numbers. The fifteen models who work for the site are sexy, beautiful, and full of passion. They have petite erotic bodies and amazing facial structure that makes them really entertaining to watch. There is a certain “gal-next-door” theme going on inside this site that makes the material a real delicacy for members.

As the site grows, we hope that they will include more information inside the model index so that we can appreciate the models even further. What kind of porn niches do you expect to get from this site? There are facials, blowjobs, POV, hardcore penetration, public, money shots of gals holes, tits, and pussy.

A majority of the Passion HD videos are thirteen minutes long. The material inside seems to follow a certain pattern, where you have studs with long hard pricks simply banging young tight holes until they orgasm. It might seem simple, but do not underestimate the erotic nature of this material.

Other features: 1) fast download 2) HD options including wmv and QuickTime 3) streaming features using the embedded flash player 4) multi bandwidth 5) different bit-rate qualities for streaming.

Comparing what the tour-page promises and the actual material inside, we have come to the conclusion that this site is worth joining. This is because they deliver on every promise they make. The gals are mad talented when it comes to erotic sex. The site has an updating schedule that is acceptable. Give Passion HD their due (admission fee) and in return, they will give you of the best hardcore material online.


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VideosZ is a marvelous site with marvelous gals and marvelous material. This site annihilates all its completion thanks to the colossal amount of material that it has. The site has been around for some time and has managed to upload a lot of DVD content for members to sample and enjoy.


Sure, you have seen porn sites advertise that they are the biggest in the game, but when you login to sample their goods, you get low quality material that is not pleasurable at all. Unlike these sites, VideosZ has both quality and quantity when it comes to hardcore porn material. In order to maintain a tight hold on the industry as being the biggest porn DVD site online, the site had to modify its layout and increase the quality of its material over the years. This has lead to a more responsive, feature-laden site that lets you find material, download, or watch it at your convenience.

The site has also had to come up with HD content so that it can retain clients who want only the very best quality. Another area that has been touched by this “modification process” is the amount of porn niches offered by the site. With a plethora of niches, members can sustain and expand their porn preferences since there is literally everything inside the site. This increase of niches has given the site a higher kinky-rating that has helped to draw in more people.

You will also find that the site has search tools, menus and other ingenious features to help you navigate. The quicker you can locate the material you want, the less time you will waste clicking link after link trying to locate a certain niche. This is what members to this site receive as part of their package videosz discount deal. Categories you will find inside include series, models, porn stars, producers, etc. The site has 80611+ videos and clips that are drawn from over 13659 DVD titles (We told you, they have lots of movies!) If you want to download them all, then do so since there are no download limitations. The videos come in wmv, avi, flash, mp4, formats. Like we said earlier, there are many movies that are in HD mode.

The one thing that has not changed about this site is the fact that they do not have a picture gallery. Those who join this site do so strictly for the videos. The updating feature means that more quality DVD and videos will be available very soon for your consumption.

You might be considering going to your local DVD store to get these movies, but seriously, why bother when this site has packaged them all smartly for your lustful eyes. With thousands of hardcore quality material available on a daily basis, joining this site is not only wise, it is simply very practical. Check out VideosZ today!